9 Cool Cat Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know


Cats are very sensitive, knowing, and highly intelligent. There are so many things about these felines that owners, scientists, and vets are still discovering. Cats are wonderful companions and they can be very entertaining.

However, a cat’s social interactions and the way they communicate can sometimes be misunderstood and confusing, but if you learn more about your elusive feline’s habits, you will have a great a greater appreciation of this very complicated animal.

Following are 9 Cool Things you may not have known about our fuzzy, feline friends:

Cool Fact #1:  Cats can sense earthquakes before they happen

The pads of a cat’s feet are highly sensitive and can detect vibrations in the earth. Some experts believe that cats are highly sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic fields which allows them to detect when trouble could be on the horizon.  Others speculate that this so called premonition ability in cats is their  heightened awareness in being able to feel smaller tremors (which we can’t) that occur before a larger earthquake hits.


Cats and earthquake predictability is not a proven theory, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that cats can indeed ‘sense’ the oncoming of an earthquake.

Cool Fact #2: Cats control you; not the other way around.

Big surprise huh!  Through vocalizations, they can tell you they want food. Cats have the ability to change their vocalizations to become urgent and demanding when they want something.


Although a cat’s brain takes up only 0.9 percent of its body mass, a cats’ cerebral cortex is much more complex than that of a dog, with almost 300 million nerve cells compared to about 160 million in the dog.  With that added brain power it’s no wonder we never stood a chance!

Cool Fact #3: Like dogs, horses, and other animals, cats do dream.

They have the same brain wave patterns as you do when you dream.  If you’ve ever seen your cat twitching,or moving her paws while asleep, that’s a sign that they’re dreaming.  Perhaps its about a good mouse chase or maybe a big bowl of creamy milk.


Did you know that cats spend almost three quarters of their lives sleeping!  Often it is not a deep sleep but rather just snoozing but it allows them to get all the rest they need and be alert enough to awaken at a moment’s notice.

Cool Fact #4:  Punishing a cat is useless.

They do not understand punishment. When a cat does something good, praise him or her. Give them extra attention and love. Hitting a cat is cruel and unusual punishment.

Cool Fact #5:  Purring is a relaxing sound for both cats and their owners.

A purr has often been described (usually by cat lovers) as one of the most comforting sounds in the world.

Studies have shown that domestic cats produce a sound frequency of between 25 to 150 vibrations per second. This relaxing sound induces factors within our brains (as well as the cats’) that somehow reduce and even eliminate stress factors in us.  It has a very natural calming affect.


Did you know however that purring comes from the cardiovascular system rather than the throat?  When a cat purrs, the sound is distinctive from other cat vocalizations because it is produced during the entire breath cycle of inhaling and exhaling. Other sounds or vocalizations such as when your cat meows are created only when he or she exhales their breath.

Cool Fact #6:  Cats can Clack!

Listen to your cat as they watch birds. They may emit a clacking sound.


Cat lovers speculate that this clacking sound has something to do with preparing their muscles for the hunt.

Cool Fact #7:  Head butts show their love

When your cat head-butts you (known as ‘bunting’), it is a greeting that says, “I trust you and feel safe.”  They will do this to other cats and pets as well. It is believed to be one of their methods of sharing facial pheromones with you.


Cool Fact #8: Bringing you dead prey is their gift

A bit creepy and has a certain “yuck” factor when a cat brings you a present of a dead mouse or leaves an insect at your feet. Your generous feline might want to share her prey without or she might simply be showing you how successful she can be when on the hunt.


Perhaps you pet thinks you aren’t not eating enough and wants to help you with your diet.

Cool Fact #9:  Cats often cry at night.

Nighttime caterwauling may come from an instinct to hunt insects and rodents. Cries can indicate frustration. Try and get rid of this type of excess energy by providing your cat with food puzzles and enriching toys. Leave some toys by her bed at night. If your cat is older and still vocal at night take her to the vet; there may be a serious problem.


Well that’s it!  Cats supposedly have 9 lives, so we decided on 9 cool facts.  Hope you enjoyed this post.




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