8 Best Plants To Keep With Cats

Cats are notorious nibblers and if you’ve ever spotted your cat over by the kitchen bin gnawing at the plastic liner bag, you’ll know that there isn’t much that they don’t want between their chompers. The world of houseplants can be a minefield for cat owners as our feline friends aren’t too discerning when they get a plant between their teeth – yet some plants are highly toxic to cats, whilst others bring surprising health benefits.

If you want to bring some green into your life, this list will guide you to the best plants to brighten up your living room or bring some extra flavor to your cooking, whilst keeping fur baby healthy.

1. Catnip Or Silver Vine

It says it in the name Catnip – these are the all-time favorites of furry felines everywhere. Catnip, silver vine (and a third variety called cat thyme) are all safe for your kitty to nibble on, but what’s more is that they’re healthy too. These plants all contain stimulants that will lower a cat’s stress and give their mood a boost. These plants are easy to grow from seed pods, so hit the garden store and get growing.

2. Chamomile

You may know chamomile better as the sweet, flowery flavor of your favorite night-time tea – chamomile is famed for its calming properties and it has been used to soothe and ease stress for thousands of years. Outside of the teabag, chamomile flowers into big bright daisy-like flowers that look gorgeous against the backdrop of a light window. They’re super safe for cats to munch on so dot them around the house without a second thought.

3. Lemongrass

By evoking the fields where cats could stalk their prey, all cat-safe grasses are beloved by cats, who will spend hours pawing at their tall stems and crunching on the blades. In most pet shops you’ll find some cat-friendly grasses by the till – wheat, barley and oat are popular – but the best of all in our estimation in lemongrass. Lemongrass is a cat and human favorite as its mellow scent fills the room. Throw it in a stir fry too!

4. Peppermint

Cats are drawn to all the aromatic members of the mint family, but peppermint takes the top spot as my personal favourite on the kitchen counter. Peppermint is a diverse herb that will flood the room with a gorgeous scent and works wonders brewed in hot water to make your own tasty tea. This mint serves to aid digestion in both humans and kitties, and feline fanatics appreciate how their best furry friend loves to sniff and nibble at its fronds. As an added bonus the scent of peppermint works to discourage mice from the kitchen! Especially useful if your kitty cat can be a cold-blooded killer.

5. Fresh Herbs

You may feel like your cat is the four-legged version of you, and another thing you probably have in common is a love of herbs. Keeping the kitchen well stocked with a selection of fresh herbs is a great way to spice up your dinner and your feline friend will thank you for it too. Glen M. Woodham, recruiter at Do my assignments and Study demic says that “rosemary acts as a natural flea repellent for cats and they love munching on parsley, which is full of vitamins. Vitamin A, B and C as well as potassium are all found in parsley.” Boost your cat’s health and your brunch in one fell swoop.

6. Valerian

In human herbal medicine, valerian is sought after for its sleep-inducing powers and its soporific effects are well documented. For cats, however, it has the opposite effect and by munching on the valerian cats get a stimulating boost. This promotes exercise so if your cat’s a couch potato it can be a great way of encouraging them to stay healthy and active. Valerian blooms in sweetly scented pink and white flowers, and looks lovely around the house.

7. Spider Plant

Spider plants are a popular house plant that add vibrancy to every room with their overflowing foliage that bursts out of the center of the plant. A spider plant in every corner turns a room into a veritable jungle. “Cats love spider plants because their long leafy appendages become the perfect plaything, responsive to a kitten’s batting paw,’ says Brittney C. Colter, a business writer at Simple grad and Academ advisor. “What’s more, munching on these leaves is perfectly safe for cats and can in fact have a stimulating effect on them.” Pick up a spider plant at the garden center and watch it explode into life.

8. Licorice Root

Licorice root is easy to grow in the garden but keeping a planter on the windowsill is also possible, and your feline friend will thank you for it. It’s a beautifully flowering plant with anabundance of health benefits. Nibbling at this plant will aid your cat’s digestion and ease any allergies the kitty may suffer from. What’s more is that for aging cats suffering from the stiff joints of arthritis, licorice root acts to cleanse the blood and can ease these ailments.

Now imagine your home overflowing with herbal scents and vibrant colors once it’s filled to the brim with the plants on this list. Your cat or kitten is going to love the jungle feel.

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