5 Summer Grooming Tips

As we head into the warmer summer months, we asked the grooming experts at Andis Company {a leading manufacturer of handheld pet grooming tools} for their top 5 summer grooming tips for cats.  When it comes to grooming when the temperature starts to rise, appropriate grooming is just as important to our cats as making sure they have access to water and shade.

The Andis grooming educator (Kendra Otto) offered the following 5 recommendations:

Tip #1  Shave your cat

When you shave your cat, keep in mind that the coat does not always grow back the same, sometimes a lot thinner than normal. The misconception is that some pet owners think that shaving their cat will stop them from shedding as much or keep them cooler in the summertime. A cat’s coat actually provides them with the natural ability to regulate their body temperature. After being shaved, your cat will still shed the same amount, only smaller hairs than before.

Here’s a little ‘How To’ video with Kendra demonstrating the basics of cat grooming:

Tip #2  Trim pad hair

Did you know that keeping the pad hair trimmed on your cats would reduce the amount of cat litter all over your house? Using a clipper, skim across the paw pads of the cat and avoid getting between the pads, which is a delicate area that can cut easily.

cat pad hair


Tip #3  Keep toenails short

Your cat should be walking on its paw pads and not on its toenails. When your cat walks on long toenails it increases the possibility that the toenail will get caught on something or completely pulled out.


Walking on toenails all the time will also cause premature arthritis in the joints. Keep styptic powder on hand in case you accidentally clip a nail too short and it bleeds. Also, do not try filing your cat’s nails because their reaction is unpredictable and you could get hurt.  Toenails should be clipped every 1 to 3 weeks with a clipper such as this Andis Premium Nail Clipper.




Tip #4  Clean your cat’s ears!

Most cats have prick ears, meaning the ears stand up. Although this is good for air circulation, this allows debris to enter the ear canal more frequently. It is ideal to wipe out your cat’s ears once a week to ensure they do not end up with ear mites or infections. Add ear solution to a clean cotton ball and wipe as far down as you can see.

cat ears


Tip #5  Maintain your cat’s coat

This is a vital important part of keeping your cat’s skin and coat healthy. The key to keeping your cat free from knots, tangles and unnecessary excess undercoat is brushing and combing. Cats have different coat types and lengths, so you will need to do your research to find out the best grooming tools to use or ask a professional to advise you.

If your cat is matted, keep in mind that getting matts wet will increase the possibility of sores developing at the skin. When skin cannot breathe and is moist from being bathed, a breeding ground is created for bacteria and skin infections.

The Andis Premium 2-Sided Pin Brush is an excellent tool for this.


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We hope you found these tips useful.  Check out the Andis website for grooming products and accessories.  See our other post on 7 Summer Cat Care Tips.


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