A Bengal Beauty from Belgium

If you’re a fan of Norse mythology (or even Marvel Comics) then you’ll certainly be familiar with Thor, the brawny thunder god from Asgard and his magical hammer, Mjöllnir.  Known for his courage,  sense of duty and virtually unmatched physical strength, Thor was the embodiment of Viking strength as he slayed giants while riding across the sky in his goat-drawn chariot.

Fiction. Mythology. Hollywood. Yes.  But wait…we found a super handsome four legged hero of the same name…sure, he may not have a magic hammer, but he’s equally courageous, strong, agile and highly skilled at slaying pesky flies in the home, all the while protecting his human slaves from any dangers that may lurk.

Introducing…Thor the Bengal!

His striking good looks, razor sharp talons, mesmerizing eyes and majestic confidence strike fear in the hearts of any who may oppose him. Feline mythology tells tales of him being the royal offspring of a Siberian tiger and a magical leopard from the fabled city of Catlantis. Truth be told, Thor is a 4-year-old Bengal cat, a crossbreed of a domesticated cat and an Asian leopard cat. But the previous version is our story, and we’re sticking with it.

Thor lives with his owner (aka human-slave) Rani and her family in Kortenberg, Belgium and his incredible spotted and striped fur have propelled him to internet-super-stardom garnering him over 180K followers on Instagram at @bengalthor  Be sure to check out Thor’s website to see him as a kitten and read his early story and how we became insta-famous.

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Rani first fell prey to Thor’s irresistable charm when she found him at a cattery in the Netherlands back in 2013. It was love at first sight. Today she says “I definitely feel like his servant…whenever he opens his mouth, we are ready to serve him!”  Thor is a very active and lovable cat who talks all day long and if someone doesn’t answer his meowing, he gets downright annoyed! We’re finding this hard to believe with that sweet innocent face! >^..^<

Around bedtime Thor has his evening ‘energy burst’ where runs around the house like he’s possessed and even climbs up walls. Hey – it’s a superhero thing…we get it!

In the photo below you can see Thor checking out our website to ensure he got premium placement for this feature article on him!

We wanted a bit more ‘behind the scenes’ insights on life with Thor, so we contacted Rani and she was kind enough to share some personal tidbits with us for this Thorticle (Thor-article). Here’s what she told us:

Q:  Does Thor share your home with any other animals? If yes, who?

Yes. Her name is Freya, a melanistic (black) Bengal cat. [below right].  Oh…in case we didn’t mention it…as you can see, Thor is quite an accomplished dancer as well.

Q:  What’s the naughtiest thing you recall that Thor has ever done?

When his head servant came home from a vacation and started unpacking, he jumped on the bed and started peeing on it while watching her straight in the eyes! Bad karma I guess…

Q:  What’s the funniest thing you recall that Thor has ever done?

One of his servants had bought cupcakes to eat and she put it next to her bed. When she came back from the bathroom, she could see a trace of cupcake glaze and whipped cream coming out of her bedroom going through the whole house. When we found the suspect, he was already licking the evidence off his paws! Busted!

Right photo: Rani (center) and friends

Q:  What is Thor’s favorite food?

Shrimpiessssss, shrimpies, shrimpies everywhere! Oh and did I mention shrimpies? 

Q:  If Thor was a famous celebrity (other than Chris Hemsworth lol) – who do you think he’s most like?

I would say someone very elegant and someone who knows how to handle the camera! Let’s say Orlando Bloom or Tom Hiddleston. 

Q:  Is Thor a people cat?…i.e. does he like meeting new people/strangers?

Thor isn’t scared of strangers most of the time. Whenever someone enters the house, he’s going to take a look to see if he knows them. Give them a little smell, and maybe even a meow, if he likes you! 🙂 He’s very interested in what humans do. He can just sit and watch us for hours. And it’s even more interesting when there are people he doesn’t know yet.

Q:  Does Thor sleep with you? 

Yes, we have a huge scratching post with a few cushions in our bedroom and most of the time he sleeps high above, but when he likes it, he also sleeps on us. He also loves belly rubs when he’s napping! 

Q:  If Thor could talk…what do you think he would say to all his fans?

Enjoy the catnip and kittymilk, but stay responsible! Oh, and if I ever run for President, please vote for me, I will give shrimpies as a free right for everyone!

Credit: All photos courtesy of @bengalthor


A big thanks to Rani for providing us a peek into her wonderful life with this magnificent cat! Big hugs from us to you, Thor and Freya.

Oh, and please be sure to follow the daily adventures of Thor on his uber-popular IG account at @bengalthor  … you don’t wanna make him angry now do you?

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