Celebrating National Pet Day

National Pet Day is celebrated every year on April 11th as a reminder to acknowlege how much our pets mean to us and to show how much we love them. You can observe National Pet Day by donating money, food, toys or blankets to an animal welfare organization, by volunteering at or adopting a pet from local shelters — or simply by spoiling your pet whatever they may be!

Fun Facts

  • In 2017, some 68 percent of all households in the United States owned pets
  • In the U.S., there are over 94 million pet cats and almost 90 million pet dogs * (sorry doggies, you’re still outnumbered) >^..^<
  • With the proper care, goldfish can live 30-40 years in captivity
  • A group of cats is called a clowder
  • Cats sleep about 13 to 14 hours per day, on average

* Breed stats via Statistica

National Pet Day is a great day to do something for a pet you love or to help one of the many abandoned pets in animal shelters around the world. After all, pets are an important part of our lives and do so much for us, so shouldn’t we really give something back to them to show them our appreciation?

And as much as we would love to stay at home and play with you guys all day, unfortunately many of us have to go to work. But when we’re sitting in our third meeting of the day, it can be hard to stop our minds drifting to what you might be doing…

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Well, we think we have the answer. The team at Boom Online Marketing offered us a light-hearted look at what our human day looks like compared with our pets’ days, and they sent us this oh-so pet-centric yet accurate infographic (below) created by one of their clients – Vibrant Doors.

We thought you could relate whether you own a cat, a dog or both. Enjoy!

Did you see anything missing? Drop us a comment in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below to share your pet’s special behavior.


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