This Cat Likes Being Framed!

We all love adorable cats … right?  Well then you’ll be smiling ear-to-ear at today’s featured feline. But first…a geography question …. When you think of Vienna, Austria what comes to mind?  Coffee houses?  Cozy wine taverns?  Magnificent operas?  Museums and cultural events? Or their amazing Sachertorte (an uber yummy type of chocolate cake)?  Maybe all of the above?

Could this world class city get any better?  Yup… introducing Vienna’s coolest and most fabulous feline – Yves!

We mentioned in the title that Yves likes getting framed…that’s not a bad thing in his case because Yves is no ordinary Main Coon. He likes to make a spectacle of himself by wearing his trademark ‘funglasses’ and delighting his fans worldwide on his popular IG feed =>  @cutepawsmeow

Today being the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere we thought Yves with his Viennese flair would be the purrfect role model for all those fashionistas donning their new summer shades.

Behind the Scenes

Yves’ owner, Tatiana gives us the ‘behind-the-scenes’ scoop in our Q&A below:

Q: How old is Yves?

Yves’ Birthday is on January 29th, 2016. So roughly said he is about 14 human’s years right now.

Q: Was he born in Austria?

Yves was born in the Slovak Republic to a very nice family. I picked him up when he was about 2 months old (together with his brother Joy). He was a very shy kitten.

Q: Is he a natural for the camera or is a lot of coaxing required to get those paw-some shots?

Yves is a natural Meowdel. He never minds wearing the fun-glasses. Instead he purrs really loudly, and sometimes even falls asleep during the photoshoots.

Q: Funniest moment you recall during a fun-glasses IG photoshoot?

The funniest moment was our photoshoot for the IG project “The Road to the Oscars”, when we were featuring the Pixar movie “Up”. It was Yves’ first time wearing the fun-glasses. Honestly, I have never seen a cat before, sitting in front of me with the glasses on his nose and acting very naturally. Believe me or not, that was very funny!

Q: How many pairs of fun-glasses does Sir Yves-Von-Spectacle now own?

At the moment, we have about 40 pieces. But our collection is growing every week. And soon Yves will have more glasses than Elton John does.

Q: Do you create the specs with specific themes in mind or are they random creations?

The process of creating the style for specs is always different. I can be inspired by a song on the radio, by a cartoon character or, like it was with his OOF glasses, I was inspired by Edward Ruscha’s large-scale painting “oof”. Who knows, maybe tomorrow Yves will show up on Instagram with some glasses in form of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty or maybe even Maple Leaf glasses will also look great on his cute nose? 😊

Q: What inspires your creative DIY process?

I was studying architecture and I work as an office planner and a graphic designer at the moment. Most of my work I do on a computer now and very rarely do I have to create something by hand. So the fun-glasses project is the perfect compensation for me along with my jobs. Here I can be as creative as I want, there are no borders, no standards. And it’s funny. But of course this project wouldn’t be possible without my furry ball Yves. I think we are a great team! 🙂

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Q: Yves has a brother named Joy…yes? Does Joy wear shades too?

Yes, Yves has a brother Joy. He is a few minutes older than Yves. Unlike Yves he is very very naughty boy. All the scratches and broken dishes in our house are caused by Joy. He wasn’t a fan of our fun-glasses straight away. In his case when I want to take a photo of him wearing the specks I have to distract him with something. Very often I switch on the video with birds from YouTube, or I have a clattering toy in my hands, something what will make him interested and make him to forget about the fun-glasses on his face. I always take my photos with tripod, so I can have my hands free.

Q: What message would Yves like to share with our readers?

We are here to make world happy. In our everyday life we often forget to smile. A good smile goes a long way to make your day better and Yves and I are happy to help!

Well Yves certainly makes us smile every day. Hope he made you smile too!

Credit: All Yves images courtesy of @cutepawsmeow


Yves is a paw pal with our tuxie (Newman) and the two of them are secretly working on a very cool project together…stay tuned for details. The photo below shows the two of them pondering their upcoming plan for feline domination. >^..^<

Be sure to check out Yves on @cutepawsmeow as he’d love you to follow his daily exploits.


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